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Seen them twice in concert since the addition of their new frontman JD Fortune, who is amazing BTW.Would like to have seen them more, but unlike some of the folks on my site, I'm not made of money, lol. A sweet homecoming proposal at Shadow Ridge High School gets the attention of the FOX5 Surprise Squad … Daniel Rivas, 17, has Down Syndrome and dreamed of going to the dance but was turned down. Her simple act of kindness prompts a night of surprises no one could have imagined!

Love and Mayhem." The band was fronted by Hutchence for 20 years, becoming one of the world's biggest rock groups in the 1980s and into the 1990s, fuelled by his charismatic performances.

Like Fortune and INXS, Rossi and Supernova enjoyed initial success before falling apart for various reasons. They also toured the world together with a lot of drama. The band appear to be working on a debut disc judging from the demos on his website. and now Nashville - went on as a solo artist, fronting such bands as Stars Down and Switchblade Glory and releasing several solo and band albums between 20.

Interesting fact, Daughtry auditioned for Rockstar: INXS but never made made the cut and turned down Fuel's offer to be their new singer, wanting to form his own band instead post-Idol. Glad you asked: Daughtry: Chris Daughtry named his rock band after himself, has released three albums (including two No. But he appears to have finally found his own way this year as the frontman of Fortune, his very own rock band who recently performed a free show at Toronto's Hard Rock Cafe in mid-November following a few U. Lukas Rossi: After Supernova released one self-titled album in 2006 and toured in 2007, they packed it in 2008. But his latest project, The Halo Method, may be his most high profile yet as it features former Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner and former Evanescence co-founder-lead guitarist Ben Moody.

That said, the sentance I quoted above makes me so......... I mean, it says it right there at the beginning of the song: "Suicide Blonde was the colour of her hair." That's right - the song is about a hot girl, not about the suicide, and certainly not about the death of Michael Hutchence (which, sidebar, would have been quite the accomplishment, seeing as Hutch himself sang the song on their 1990 album X, a full 7 years before his death).

Full lyrics for Suicide Blonde: Suicide blonde was the colour of her hair Like a cheap distraction for a new affair She knew it would finish before it began Something tells me you lost the plan You want to make her Suicide Blonde Love devastation, Suicide Blonde She stripped to the beat but her clothes stay on White light everywhere but you can't see a thing Such a squeeze, a mad, sad moment Glory to you, glory to you, take me there Got some revelation put into your hands Save you from your misery like rain across the land Don't you see the colour of deception Turning your world around again So, here's my point.

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