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The housewives of Tijuana understand the sex trade with Los Gringos.

We define a brothel as something like a hotel where you walk in, the girls line up, you pick one, and you go to a room on the premises.

We define a "hooker bar" is where you go to meet an escort, pay the bar fee, then take her somewhere else. If you feel strongly about correct word usage and think we're all wrong, contact us and make your case.

“He was an excellent priest and very devoted to the community. What happened to him was a great injustice.” Such injustices have been piling up and have prompted questions about whether the church is under attack or whether the clergy are just collateral damage in a wider wave of violence. 19, the same day authorities discovered the bodies of two slain priests in the eastern state of Veracruz; that makes at least 15 priests slain over the past four years.

For those of you who enjoy expanding and even sharing your fascination with human behavior as well as the variegated topography of your own erotic landscapes, you just got lucky.

— Ad Age Subtle smut for smart people, it (Dirty Words) perhaps exists to be placed on a table to spark conversation between consenting adults, should that be the type of party or date one wishes to have. — San Francisco Chronicle When was the last time you had a really hot, juicy conversation about sex that was both honest and playful, imaginative and whimsical, but most importantly, wide-ranging in the variety of the topics you discussed?

The murders come at a time of strained relations between church and state in Mexico, in part because Catholic bishops recently supported mass protests against a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.

In the wake of the killings the church has also abandoned its normal reluctance to criticize the government and has publicly accused state officials in Michoacan and Veracruz of directing a defamation campaign against the priests.

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Violence began to increase dramatically, according to figures from INEGI, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (PDF).

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