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Court records show all three defendants are in custody.

Indy Star reached out to William Dazey, who was listed as the defense attorney for Jones.

After begging Ray for his address, Marnie heads to Charlie's Bushwick apartment. Marnie goes through an old, decrepit door and enters into a Target catalog. On a side note, I really want Charlie to decorate my next apartment. Marnie, sporting blunt bangs and a headband (Zooey Deschanel, is that you? She's too scared to move for fear that her heart will drop through her vagina.

Hannah tries to keep her BFF company, but then Elijah (hello again, Andrew Rannells) comes over, and the Scissor Sisters start to play, and all they want to do is take their mamas out all night.

I find myself going back and forth between loving Hannah and wanting to smack her head into a wall on a weekly basis. She's been dating Charlie for four years and has never seen his apartment. In one of the more mature scenes we've seen in "Girls" thus far, Marnie and Charlie sit down and actually discuss their relationship.

Marnie doesn't have time to deal with Hannah because she's on a mission to win Charlie back ... It's not that poor, sensitive Charlie hasn't offered -- she could just never be bothered to come over. Had you had just the slightest interest in Charlie's life -- outside of his hair -- then you would have known that. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a very mature outcome, but at least we get to enjoy a college flashback of when the two first met.

Introducing Kosher Sex Toys, whose name is not misleading.

Hudson is facing federal charges of attempted online enticement of a minor, transmitting obscene material to a minor, and two counts each of distribution of child pornography and attempting to transmit obscene material to a minor.

More charges are expected in the near future."Best things parents can do is be aware what social media their children are active on and make sure they're going in and looking at the profiles, see who they're communicating with," said Detective Randall Snyder with PCSO.

After that, a group of men and women forced her to have sex for money while pumping her full of drugs, a criminal complaint filed last week alleges.

Federal agents on Wednesday filed an affidavit asking a judge to find probable cause to charge two men and a woman with sex trafficking charges in connection with an Indianapolis-based operation that trafficked both juveniles and adult women for sex — and used drugs as a way to control the women and girls.

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For such a truly awful relationship, it's nice to see that at one point, what Charlie and Marnie had was really sweet.

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