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In India girls may not legally marry before the age of 18 - but ceremonies involving girls in their teens may be overlooked.The younger daughters, some aged five, tend to be added on discreetly, their names kept off the invitations.As I've indicated, it's probably best to pop a few massive coincidence pills in before watching and while some confusion inevitably enters the narrative, it coheres well enough to engage me through three Sundays in a row.

In a project for National Geographic magazine, journalist Cynthia Gorney and photographer Stephanie Sinclair travelled to Yemen and Rajasthan in India to investigate the extent of this shocking practice.Many may even feel this landmark series goes into an even more aesthetic dimension by exploring how the animals we share the planet with are so much like ourselves.A chimp playing tenderly with an abandoned genet kitten as if it was a child with a new pet and the overwhelming grief of a troop of langurs when Spy Monkey “dies” in their midst will melt the stoniest of viewers’ hearts.This chilling police body camera footage shows the moment a cop's wife was found barely alive suffering from a gunshot wound to her head.Jessica Boynton, 19, was found lying in a pool of her own blood in a locked wardrobe in the home she shared with her husband Matthew Boynton in Griffin, Georgia.

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The five-part series explores the notions of Love, Intelligence, Friendship and Mischief in nature along with an episode that delves into the way the Spy Creatures were made and deployed from the heat of the tropics to biting cold of polar wastes.

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