Sbs 2016 wsus not updating clients deduce youngest rock layer from fossil dating

I've got a WSUS 3SP2 with all patchs on Windows 2008 R2. When i clic link to update from win update, it works too.

There are seen by WSUS console, and they can send report.

To move the location, change the C:\WSUS to another drive. There are also some situations you may run into where some or all clients stop reporting to the server and these steps will also help for those scenarios as well.On the client run gpresult or to make sure that the details of the WSUS server exist.2016-05-13 :286 144 1bac SLS Making request with URL HTTPS:// 2016-05-13 :492 144 1bac EP Got 9482F4B4-E343-43B6-B170-9A65BC822C77 redir Secondary Service Auth URL: "117cab2d-82b1-4b5a-a08c-4d62dbee7782" 2016-05-13 :492 144 1bac SLS FATAL: SLS: CSLSRequest:: Retrieve Additional Attributes If Required: Co Create Instance failed with 0x80040154.

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