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In drilling into the skull and removing a piece of the bone, the dura mater is exposed without damage to the underlying blood-vessels, meninges and brain.Trephination has been used to treat health problems associated with intracranial diseases, epileptic seizures, migraines and mental disorders by relieving pressure.Let’s say you are a gentleman, and when asked, “What’s the first thing that attracted you to her?” you answer, tactfully: “Her eyes.” Eyes, we all know, are the windows to the soul, and this is what we are attempting to say when we lie about love at first sight.At one site in France, burials included forty instances of trephination from around 6500 BCE; one third of the skulls found at the site.

But there may be more truth to that than you realize.The screw on the left was handmade in the late 18th century.Note the flat spot on the shaft, the irregular threads, blunt tip and the off center slot.The screw in the center is machine made around 1830.It has sharp, even threads, a cylindrical shape, blunt end and the slot is still off center.

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Even copper scissors, without the bronze alloys would be difficult to keep sharp.

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