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” Pretend All Is Well That was the question posed by the New York Post on Twitter. They’re also looking at it closely to see which names they can cut to keep the guest list from […] Change Her Last Name Do you think it’s necessary for a woman to change her last name?

That was the question posed on Twitter by Married At First Sight.

Friday night a girlfriend and I stepped out to watch the game at a sports bar and we […] “If you’re watching a friend head to the altar with someone awful, do you step in? Brides and grooms are making their guests lists and checking it twice to make sure they include DNA aka family members and to make sure they didn’t forget anyone.A Closer Look Hello readers, I decided to kick off the month of July with a fun light-hearted post that would tell you a little bit more about me. So, how have the first six months of the year been for […] Grow With And Be Better Can you reach your full potential as a person if you never marry? Below are 6 things to keep you busy and actively engaged in life while you’re not going on dates: […] Flourish All Over Again Over the weekend I read an article directed to single men that asked the question, “What happens when you stay single for too long?Every week, I take a trip to the bookstore to read the weekly magazines; US Weekly, People, Life & Style, OK! One of the features […] Six Months To Go Happy end of the first half of the year week to you. ” Cody, one of the husbands on the current season of Married At First Sight doesn’t think you can. To say his views ruffled more than a few feathers is an understatement. Here’s […] Actively Engaged In response to my post, Date for Fun Or Date To Meet The One, a reader asks, “But what do you do if you’re not going on dates? ” The article said a whole lot but here’s a bit of what resonated with me: “When you go a long time without being in a relationship, you can […] Warts And All The most important relationship in my life after God is the relationship I have with myself. If we don’t like ourselves, why should anyone else?The First Black Bachelorette I like the way Rachel Lindsay dates. Find The Love Of Her Life The Bachelorette has been around for 2385 seasons (I’m being sarcastic) it’s been around a very long time and the […] Rooting For Kevin Durant I love basketball especially, the finals, the NBA playoffs. She, Rachel Lindsay, is the first Black Bachelorette.

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