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Eventually the women were able to escape by sneaking off the property and hiding out at the Sonoma County Women’s shelter.

According to Courthouse News Service in Sonoma County the women are now suing Mr.

Sex slavery is caused by inherent gender inequalities allowing the demand for sex slaves to flourish—the belief that women and girls are sexual objects that can be bought and sold.

Myla was a poor single mother of two and primary care provider for her ill mother.

The number of people locked in slavery in Britain rose by 22 percent last year, with online dating, social media sites and Internet job advertisements used increasingly to recruit victims, a new report showed on Tuesday. (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) identified 2,744 people, including 602 children, as potential victims of human trafficking in 2013 with more than 40 percent ending up in the sex trade and almost 30 percent forced into manual labor.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, came into operation last October with the aim of better coordinating police action on issues such as child sex abuse and organized crime.

Once there, however, she realized she had been horribly deceived.

Myla was a victim of human trafficking—sexually abused, forced to take drugs, denied food for days.

It estimated that between 4,200 and 4,600 are enslaved in the United Kingdom.

The third annual human trafficking report listed Romania as the most prevalent country of origin for victims for the third consecutive year, with more than half exploited for sex, and Poland as the most common country for labor trafficking.

Combat corruption with moral education; send a Bible to a child, or another person in need.

Fortunately, she escaped and after spending months on the streets and in jail in Malaysia, returned home to her family.

With the help of the Live Your Dream Awards, Myla is now working toward a bachelor’s degree in business administration and rebuilding her life.

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The NCA report found 41 percent of victims identified in Britain last year were trafficked for sexual exploitation, up from 35 percent a year earlier, while the number of those forced into manual labor rose to 27 percent from 22 percent in 2012.

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