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Fairly Facebook is a secure website and it diligently aims to become better.

For the and I had covered almost all the methods there.

The similar technique is believed to be responsible for the hack of thousands of Tesco customers in the U. The issue relies on the Visa payment system, where an attacker can guess and attempt all possible permutations and combinations of expiration dates and CVV numbers on hundreds of websites.

Researchers discovered two weaknesses in the way online transactions are verified using the Visa payment system.

The hacker has since deleted the information posted online, according to the online dating service.

Valentine's Day is possibly the worst day of the year for the lonely hearts out there.

Chances are if you're reading this site you have some idea of how to use online dating to your advantage, but not like this guy does.

The Russian online dating site Topface says it has made a payment to a hacker who discovered a vulnerability on the site that enabled him to breach it, exposing 20 million e-mail addresses.

See Also: Spear Phishing, Identity Deception, Ransomware: How to Predict the Future of Crime In a statement posted on its website, Topface says an audit "has identified a vulnerability through which the hacker could get access to e-mail addresses of our users." The breach did not result in the access of other information, such as passwords or the content of the accounts, including private correspondence and photos, Topface says.

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