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And also your mom's wine and your kid sister's Nalgene and your dad's beer and the vase you sometimes regretably send flowers to your ex in. Your little one's sippy cup can be just as freaked as your forty ounces of Colt. ANSWER: The consequences of freaking a fire hydrant are slim to none! Just throw it in the next time you run out of clean underwear... QUESTION: Does the Freaker really insulate or are you just trying to get in my pants? If you're unfamiliar with editing our wikis, this simple How-to Wiki guide shows you how to get started.

QUESTION: My Freaker doesn't fill the inner void of emotion like I thought it would/ Twas lost in the pigeon-carrier mail-system /Just plain isn't freaky enough. Be sure to let us know who you are and also know that we won't accept Freakers that you stomped on or that your dog ate. i could totally sell 69,000,000,000 freakers out of my ice-cream truck! someday, when we have an army of freakwarriors freaking the masses, we'll let you know! but “my ice-cream truck” is the name of my specialty boutique, you jerk. Can I shrink my Freaker back down to it's original size? QUESTION: I heard through the grapevine that you have a travelling party-house boxtruck keeping the spirit of Freak alive via grilled-cheese parties. "It can go from a standing start to pulling a mosquito out of the air in no time flat," he said."It's got four wings that can move independently of one another, it's got amazing optical processes to help track prey."Found in Africa, the Pacific Islands and South East Asia, the female jewel wasp uses its venom to control cockroaches.She stops the cockroach by stinging near its hind legs, before reaching further into its nervous system and stinging areas that cause the roach to start cleaning itself.

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