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If others have had similar experiences to me - which I know they have because they are reported on the internet, I would very much like to take joint legal and publicly action against the company to try and put them out of business. Joined this service 4 (3/1/2009) weeks ago and am still waiting for a profile.

I strongly recommend that you avoid this dating service as it is an absolute rip off. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has heard anything about Prestige Introductions (prestigegayintroductions.com) or any other sites?

It is a pure money making rip off targeted at genuine people who would like to meet a partner.

I would like to urge people never to use this company.

“We truly understand what today’s most exceptional individuals must endure in order to find a compatible life partner.

With a staff of an experienced team of professionals, we are able to meet with and get to know our clients personally.

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