Dating royal artillery buttons

My primary interest is in researching Canadian and British soldiers of the First World War.

A few snail trails otherwise good condition 0 Artillery Welsh Division Officer’s Blue Cloth Helmet c.This is a very rare documented Little Big Horn issued 7th Cav. On the back of tintype is scratched Captain Clarke. This was the most common of all belt plates primarily a western theater plate issued in quantity to the Army of Tennessee during 18.95 Beautiful Civil War broadside wanted 25 young men to fill up company B, second reg’t light artillery at Fort Blenker, Va.Rare Indian Scout knife with heavy brass handle inscription US 7TH CAV. Running Wolf was 20 years old when he enlisted in the 7th Cavalry scouting unit in April 1876. Dating to the 1870’s this is the bugle carried by marines on US ships. Quantrill was a prominent Confederate guerrilla leader durning the Civil War who is most famous for having led a raid on the Unionist town of Lawrence, Kansas, in August 1863. This knife was issued to Running Wolf 7th Cavalry Indian Scout. He was an Arikara Indian born at Fort Clark village in the winter of 1856. 95 Rare tintype photo William Clarke Quantrill Missouri guerrilla.

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A location that should be familiar to all Fargo fans.

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