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Antique carriage clocks may be plain, engraved, or have decorated panels.Their cases are constructed with a brass frame and this can help in dating the clock.Mechanical antique clocks come in various forms, either floor standing grandfather (longcase) clocks, wall hanging clocks, shelf and mantle clocks and bracket or table clocks.Antique clocks can be powered either by weights acting under gravity, or by springs.Carriage clocks are still produced today by clockmakers.These modern-day carriage clocks still have the beauty and elegance that antique carriage clocks possess.It should be noted that practically all mechanical clocks that have been made within the past 100 years, i.e.those that are not antique, have been made in a factory using mass production techniques.

Many wall clocks are just time only clocks so do not strike the hours.

Following graduation, Wade worked in cotton gins, built a saw mill and several tung oil mills, and served in the Navy as a Sea Bee.

He moved to Bogalusa in 1948 after building the Wade Tung Oil Mill in the Louisiana city.

The collection also features a number of French clocks and several English and German pieces. Wade's passion for clocks, especially of the internal mechanisms, is evident in this wide array of timepieces from all over the world.

It was his hope that the exhibit will expose MSU students and visitors to something unique and historical that can’t be found anywhere else in Mississippi.” Renowned antique clock collector Charles Cullis Wade of Newton, graduated from MSU in 1940 with a degree in electrical engineering.

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Would you have been able to figure out how to use this clock just by looking at it?

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