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Point to the jealousy that plagues many rational people when a significant other befriends someone of the opposite sex. "Now they work together and share sports interests and socialize together." This cultural shift has encouraged psychologists, sociologists and communications experts to put forth a new message: Though it may be tricky, men and women can successfully become close friends.Boil it down to the inherent differences between the sexes. What's more, there are good reasons for them to do so.

I'm regarded as reasonably quiet and calm, not into big crowds and lots of noise although enjoy live music.

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it may explain at least one of their shared beliefs: Men and women can't be real friends.

Blame the sexual tension that almost inevitably exists between any red-blooded, heterosexual man and woman. "The belief that men and women can't be friends comes from another era in which women were at home and men were in the workplace, and the only way they could get together was for romance," explained Linda Sapadin, a psychologist in Valley Stream, New York.

I love anything to do with the countryside, animals and being outdoors. I have been divorced a few years now and would like to meet likeminded friends and thought I'd try this site and see where it takes me.

I’ve had many interesting experiences and travels but quite settled in Hampshire now being independent, self employed and contentedly bimbling along in life.

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They bring out a variety of people, from pet owners to those who just like to watch the pooches run around and play.

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