Dating a libra girl

She will always be fair and just towards you as well as everyone else, and treats people with respect.The Libra is also fond of beautiful things and strives to keep beauty and harmony, whether that be picking out the perfect shade of lipstick, or upholding a beautiful home.Always fashionable, elegant and well groomed, she is tasteful and sophisticated, with an eye for quality, beauty and harmony in all things.Refined and caring the Libra woman loves everything about romance, seduction and partnership.

Polished, personable and people-savvy, Librans always know exactly what to say to make others feel good and smooth over volatile situations.As an AIR sign, Libra is fundamentally an ideas person, a good communicator and someone for whom a strong mental connection with a lover is probably more important than anything else.As a CARDINAL sign, Libra is also happy to take the initiative in relationship matters, especially in order to restore the peace.She will constantly work towards improving a relationship, and care for her partner both physically and emotionally.Among the most sociable of all the signs, she probably has a very large network of friends and a hectic social life.

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