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On you can find ample information about the Cape Verde Islands: holiday & travel, hotels & accommodations, the country and the people, creole-language, music, art & culture, emigration & expats, real estate, ...This online offer on the Cape Verde Islands is growing every day, so please stop by from time to time - we’re just getting started!And because of the islands' unique cultural and geographical history there is a fascinating range of cultures and landscapes to explore.The topography varies from barren interiors to stunning beaches, from rugged mountain peaks to verdant landscapes.That said, it still boasts the highest peak in Cape Verde. The Chat Encontros provides you with moments of entire privacy.Enjoy a special conversation and invite somebody for a private chat.

Thousands of years ago, Fogo erupted from the sea and at its peak, originally reached 35km but since then has lost 300m in height when a huge section collapsed.They used mules and donkeys to carry the cargo to the nearby capital of Boa Vista, Sal Rei.The unloading of the ship was carried out for nearly a year. After almost 50 years of battering by the wind and constant waves, much of the deck and hold have disappeared and only a rusty shell remained for the time being… Over the decades the shipwreck has become a symbol of the island and a source of inspiration for artists.73,000 years ago, the coastal area was strucked by a megatsunami made by the huge eruption from nearby Fogo and carrying large boulders onto a plateau at an elevation of 200 metres (660 ft).The waves were probably not as high as in the west as the cliffs are shorter than those in the west.

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