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Great Lakes offers standard repayment plans, where you pay a set dollar amount each month, as well as income-based repayment plans, where your monthly payment varies depending on your current income.

There are several ways to pay, including online, by phone and through the company’s mobile apps.

Enrolling in auto-pay is the smartest way to go because it’ll shave 0.25% off your interest rate.

If you’re new to student loans or aren’t sure what the best repayment strategy is for you, Great Lakes has online tools to help.

It’s important to do your homework and know what to look for so that you can make a smart choice.

One company that I’ve personally vetted and have direct contact with the CEO is Ameritech Financial.

For almost fifty years Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation has been an active member of the loan servicing game.Great Lakes works with students, graduates, parents, and lenders to ensure successful student loan repayment.One of the most frustrating questions I get everyday (seriously, everyday), from readers is: Is this company that's saying they want to help me with my student loan debt a scam?Student loan consolidation is the process of uniting some or all of your student loans into one new loan.By consolidating student loans, the borrower would have only one student loan, with one monthly payment, interest rate, and term.

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